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Gum disease can eventually lead to loss of bone in the jaw. Bone grafting is a technique that restores jaw bone volume and encourages natural bone growth. In some cases, a bone graft is needed so that a stable foundation for an implant can be established. Unfortunately, when a tooth is lost, without the ongoing pressure of the teeth, the underlying bone begins to shrink in size, leaving the area too small to place an implant and restore the tooth. The first step is often a bone graft. To stay ahead of periodontal disease, be sure to contact your local, Pasadena periodontist like Dr. Eric Cho for a thorough examination.

Jaw Bone Grafting Pasadena

How Does a Bone Graft Work?

This procedure may involve more than one step. If bone material is going to be harvested from your own body, this step takes place first. Synthetic bone material is also available to perform this procedure, or bone material harvested from a bovine (cow) source. Each of these options will be discussed with you prior to the procedure, and why a particular material will be best in your case. Our holistic dental practice focuses on overall patient health, and we use only the safest, biocompatible materials for every procedure.

The gum tissue is pulled back, and the area fully cleaned so that the bone material can be placed. The material is then placed in the site being treated. In some cases, a thin membrane is placed below the gum line to protect the new bone material as it heals. A protein product called Emdogian is placed on the site prior to stitching it closed. This stimulates the tissues to grow and create stronger support.

Why Bone Grafting?

Several conditions can be improved with a bone grafting procedure. These include:

  • Dental Implants: You need adequate bone structure to secure an implant. A bone graft may be required to ensure the implant can be placed.
  • Ridge augmentation: Ridges in the bone can be present after an injury, a birth defect, or as a result of a severe case of periodontal disease. This procedure makes the bone in the jaw uniform in shape.
  • Repositioning nerves: In some cases, the nerve in the jaw must be moved for an implant to be placed. A bone grafting procedure can involve repositioning these critical nerves so that no sensation is lost in the lower chin and lip.
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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Due to the increased health concerns regarding COVID-19, we are now scheduling Virtual Consultations.

The virtual consultation can help answer questions, provide guidance and help ease your mind. This is an area recently approved by the American Dental Association. During this process you become a patient of our dental practice by filling out new patient forms. This process is to familiarize the doctor with your Medical and Dental history which will be reviewed before your virtual appointment. The insurance portion will be used for billing purposes.

Depending on your needs you can schedule for one of the two types of consultation


1. Limited Visual Consultation: Limited to one tooth or one area of concern. (10minutes)

2. General Visual Consultation: Answers to your questions to more than one area of concern. (20 minutes)

What we need from you prior to your Consultation time:

1. X-rays that you have from previous dentists up to five years old.

2. Pictures of the area taken by your smart phone from different angles. Take as many from different views as possible. Including pictures of your smile and bite. We have found using your flash on your phone and focusing will help.

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