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Dr. Eric Cho is a leading authority in periodontics, as well as a dental implant specialist.

Often called upon to teach new techniques to others in his field, he is a respected speaker and lecturer, and also serves as a clinical associate professor at the USC Department of Advanced Periodontics. When you have a serious dental problem and need a kind, caring, and highly-skilled practitioner, you can be completely confident in the impressive skills and gentle hands of our Pasadena periodontist, Dr. Cho.

Dr. Cho has made treating difficult oral and dental issues his mission in life. He works with people of all ages who suffer from periodontal disease, from mild to extreme cases, and always goes above and beyond to ensure every person is comfortable and free from pain during treatment. In addition, at Pasadena Smile Center, both Dr. Cho & Dr. Molayem practice holistic dentistry, meaning they only put bio-chemically safe products in Pasadena patients' bodies, keeping mercury fillings & non-toxic chemicals away.

He has a warm, friendly personality, and does everything possible to make your appointment as pleasant as possible, taking the time needed to answer any questions and concerns.

For tooth implants, whether a single tooth or a full set of new teeth, he uses the most advanced technology so your new teeth function perfectly and look exactly like natural teeth.

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