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Advanced periodontics has brought new treatments in gum restoration, including gum grafting. This procedure requires a high level of skill to perform, and Dr. Cho is a leading authority on all forms of periodontal disease, serving as a professor and frequent speaker and lecturer on the subject. If your gums have receded to the point in which the roots have been exposed, gum grafting may be part of your treatment plan.

Why Gum Grafting?

Some patients will have gum grafting in a treatment plan. The common reasons to have this procedure include:

  • Reducing tooth sensitivity
  • Improved appearance
  • Improved gum health

Gum Grafting to Resolve Receding Gum Tissue

As gum disease progresses, one unsightly symptom is receding gums. As the gums shrink back from the teeth, more and more of the tooth root is exposed, making the teeth look longer, and leading to sensitivity and pain. To restore your gums for oral health, to protect the roots of the teeth, and to create a more appealing appearance to your smile, gum grafting could be the right treatment. Only a full evaluation of your current condition will reveal what treatment plan will be best. We urge you to call our Pasadena offices to set an appointment if you have notice that your gums have begun to recede; the earlier the condition is treated, the better it is for you and your overall health.

Gum Grafting Pasadena

Holistic Periodontist: Dr. Cho

If you are suffering from any type of periodontal disease, you can trust Dr. Cho to have every possible method available to help you, including the ability to perform gum grafting. He treats every patient with kindness, respect, and a gentle touch, and is committed to holistic dental techniques. The health of your gums and teeth impact your whole body; we can help to you maintain the health of your gums, or to resolve gum recession problems with the most advanced, effective, gum grafting techniques.

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