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Multiple Teeth Replacement | Cosmetic Dentist in Pasadena
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When multiple teeth replacement is needed, dental implants with individual crowns or an implant-supported fixed bridge can provide a level of fit, comfort, and functionality that cannot be achieved with other treatment options. Implant-supported bridges replace missing teeth without support from (and damage to) the adjacent teeth. For missing or failing teeth, dental implants can provide the most effective, natural, and long-term teeth replacement solution.

Our cosmetic dentists, Niloufar Molayem, D.D.S. and Dr. Sanchita Mehra offer multiple teeth replacement with dental implants in a Pasadena dental practice focused on conservative, integrated treatment. Practicing within the recommendations of the American Dental Association, Dr. Molayem and Dr. Mehra are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in a safe and friendly environment.

Multiple Dental Implants Pasadena

How Multiple Teeth Are Replaced with Implants

When several teeth are missing or failing, implants can be used in one of two ways to replace them, depending on the number of lost teeth and their location. Each individual tooth can be replaced with a dental implant and a porcelain crown, or dental implants can be used to support a porcelain bridge. As an example, two implants may be placed to hold a three-tooth bridge, or three implants to hold a five-tooth bridge.

Replacing multiple teeth with implants is a two-phase procedure with up to several months between the phases. In the first phase, the implant (a titanium post) is surgically placed in the jaw and left in place for 6 to 12 weeks while healing occurs and the implant bonds with the bone. Temporary teeth replacements can be worn over the implant sites during this healing period. In the second phase of the procedure, abutments (connector posts) are attached to the implants, and replacement teeth – crowns or bridges – are attached to the abutments, restoring your smile and your ability to chew and speak properly.

Benefits of Dental Implants for Multiple Teeth Replacement

Whether individual teeth are replaced with implants and crowns, or implants are used to support a porcelain bridge, dental implants have a number of advantages over other multiple teeth replacement options.

  • Dental implants help prevent bone deterioration.
  • Replacement teeth are stable and comfortable and function like natural teeth.
  • Replacement teeth provide support to preserve facial structure.
  • Normal biting and chewing capacity are restored.
  • You can eat whatever you like, whenever you like – even corn on the cob or apples.
  • Teeth adjacent to the missing teeth are preserved.
  • Dental implants are a durable, long-term solution that can last for many years.
Multiple Dental Implants Pasadena

Replacing multiple teeth with implants is a far superior solution to removable partial dentures or a multiple tooth-supported fixed bridge, both of which can compromise the surrounding teeth and lead to bone loss and periodontal disease. Implants provide a stable, long-term solution with significant oral health and cosmetic benefits and replacement teeth that fit, feel, and function like natural teeth. If you have several missing or failing teeth, schedule a consultation with Niloufar Molayem, D.D.S. or Dr. Sanchita Mehra to discuss multiple teeth replacement with dental implants.

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