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It is vital that you trust your dentist, and feel confident that your treatment plan was developed to best serve you. A dentist in Pasadena, Dr. Niloufar Molayem takes her duty to her patients very seriously, and practices holistic dentistry. She believes it is crucial that a patient is protected against exposure to toxins, including the mercury found in silver fillings. She ensures that patients coming to Pasadena Smile Center have access to the most modern, advanced dental care and treatments, whether a filling, root canal, or implant.

Gentle, Patient-Focused Dentistry

As a practitioner of the dental arts, she stands heads above many others in the field, and trains others in dentistry as a part-time professor at the USC School of Dentistry. Beyond her outstanding skills and her focus on holistic treatments that preserve and protect tooth structure and patient health, she is a warm, friendly, and compassionate person who makes every patient feel confident and cared for, no matter what treatment is needed or the age of the patient. Families, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly are all welcomed by our Pasadena dentist.

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