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The San Gabriel Valley is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the entire country and gives the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area much of its character. With 31 cities and 5 unincorporated communities, all of them unique, we are proud to service our friends and neighbors throughout this beautiful region of the southland.

But why choose Pasadena Smile Center over another San Gabriel dentist office? Our difference is that we practice holistic dentistry. We treat the patient as a whole physical system, not just teeth and gums. Infections, toxins and underlying decay can have an enormous impact on your health. Our goal is to address the long-term improvements in overall health that can be achieved with holistic dentistry.

The Pasadena Smile Center Difference

Our conservative approach to preserving your smile includes the use of safe materials, gentle and painless procedures and advanced techniques.

  • Mercury fillings. We don’t use this metal due to patient fears, and the fact that the fillings create a pressure on the tooth that can weaken them. Instead we use tooth-colored composite fillings with excellent biocompatibility.
  • Biocompatability of materials. Many dental practices do not test materials to see if they will cause a reaction in the body. We have onsite test equipment to measure this compatibility and use only what your body will accept in our fillings, materials for bridges, crowns and many other procedures.
  • Root canal alternative. It’s the usual procedure for a badly decayed tooth, but our holistic technology offers a safer option: MTA vital pulp therapy. Why lose a natural tooth when you can keep it? Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) pulp therapy is safer and considered by many to be healthier that traditional root canals.
  • Dr. Niloufar Molayem is a leading authority on holistic dentistry and can offer an entire range of healthier solutions to your dental needs.
  • Dr. Eric Cho is a highly regarded periodontist and implant specialist. Gum disease and missing teeth are treated by Dr. Cho in gentle and pain free procedures.

Our Services

Our goal is to help everyone who walks through our doors maintain their healthy gums and teeth or to restore what disease or decay has taken away. Additionally, we are highly skilled at enhancing your smile with cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry procedures. Some of our many services include:

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Our aim is to give you a smile that lasts a lifetime. We back up that goal with years of training in advanced holistic dentistry, cutting-edge technology, and a devotion to a gentle, pain free experience for each and every patient. Schedule a consultation today with one of top dentists San Gabriel has to offer.

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