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Beautiful Altadena literally means “upper Pasadena” because it is perched high along the foothills of the dramatic Angeles National Forest and the San Gabriel Mountains. It’s a city composed of many neighborly communities and fine homes and buildings with unique character. Pasadena Smile Center is ideally suited to serve the holistic dental health needs of this nearby location especially for people interested in gentle, painless and highly effective dental procedures.

Come in for a consultation, we are just down the hill! The Pasadena Smile Center is the dentistry practice you’ve been looking for if you have been searching for a “good dentist” in the Altadena area.

Our holistic dentistry practice focuses on your unique needs and all you need to maintain a healthy and lasting smile. We will show you how your dental health and the health of your whole body are tightly related – and how achieve a healthier life by caring for your teeth and gums.

Our Dentists

Dr. Niloufar Molayem is a top holistic Pasadena and Altadena dentist who believes your visit to the dentist office should be a relaxed and comfortable experience. She is known by her patients as a warm and engaging person who uses the latest dental techniques and technology, based on advanced holistic dental science. What this means to you is that your dental health can last throughout your life. For younger patients, our approach to dental health helps children establish healthy habits for long-term dental and oral health.

Dr. Eric Cho is a dental implant specialist and a much called upon authority in new techniques for restoring smiles that have had serious issues with gum disease and loose or missing teeth. He is a clinical associate professor at the USC Department of Advanced Periodontics. His mission is to treat serious oral and dental issues with the utmost comfort and freedom from anxiety for his patients.

Our Services

The Pasadena Smile Center goal is to help you maintain healthy gums and teeth and to restore that health should it be necessary. Our services reflect the wide-ranging needs of our customers and offer dozens of services tailored specifically to keep your smile at its brightest and most beautiful. Here are some of our most requested:

Dr. Cho provides a full range of expert periodontist treatments to restore your mouth, teeth and gums to a healthy condition. If you need gum or bone grafting, scaling and root planing or laser gum treatment, Dr. Cho delivers the most up-to-date techniques with the lowest impact. Dr. Cho is also highly experienced at dental implant procedures and can restore the integrity of your smile when teeth are missing. He understands that his patients should be comfortable and free from fear and anxiety when undergoing treatment. When you need periodontal treatment, you can trust the high-level skills, care, and focus on patient comfort provided by Dr. Cho.

At the Pasadena Smile Center, you can expect top holistic dental treatment with a gentle touch. Our aim is to give you a smile that lasts a lifetime. Schedule a consultation today with arguably the top dentist Altadena has to offer.

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